What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart

Our People

The people who work for the gold Group are drawn from a variety of professions. They are client orientated and have in common exceptional communication skills and a can do approach.

Our Attitude

Underlying every aspect of the Harcourts Gold Group is an attitude of encouragement, co-operation and commitment to the client’s needs. We strive to bring out the best in everyone, right through the organisation.

Whatever Harcourts Gold do they do it with style and consistency. Currently Harcourts Gold has the greatest number of top twenty consultants in Canterbury of any of the Harcourts Groups.

Our Leadership

Effective, inspirational leadership is one of the keys to the Harcourts Gold Group’s success. All partners have strong successful sales backgrounds – giving them knowledge and expertise invaluable in getting the best out of today’s market.

Our Strategic Locations

The five offices comprising the Harcourts Gold Group are ideally positioned to meet the demands of the market Canterbury-wide. Offices are located at: 
471 Papanui Road – Papanui
473 Papanui Road – International Division
Parklands Mall – Parklands
New Brighton Mall – New Brighton
280 Main North Road – Redwood

Our Property Management Company

Gold also has a property management company, Gold Property Management Ltd. Located a short walk down the road from the Papanui Office at 501 Papanui Road.

Our Marketing Techniques

Since our inception the gold Group has built a high profile in the community through innovative marketing. As a result, people choose the gold Group before any other company because of an awareness of the potential benefits they can expect from this marketing expertise.

Our Auctions

Harcourts gold is synonymous with auction expertise. With excellent sales prices, large numbers of attendees and very high clearance rates, it is easy to understand why owners choose the gold team and its auction process when selling.

Our Customer Service

We are proud to employ a full-time customer service manager who liaises with our clients to ensure that their experience with Harcourts Gold is everything it should be.

Our Community Involvement

Gold proudly supports the Harcourts Foundation, meeting on-going commitments to our local communities especially in the Redwood, Parklands and New Brighton locations. We also have a special relationship with the Treasure House Orphanage in Fiji, personally visiting the children there once a year with gifts and support. 

Our Culture

The belief that each and every member of the Harcourts gold team is valued and vital to the overall success of the company. As a consequence the Management Team have made a commitment to ensuring your business development is meaningful and personally beneficial allowing you to lead extraordinary, inspired lives. To enable this we will provide the highest level of specialised coaching and professional support so that you can achieve your individual goals.