Here’s to the Staycation!

30 Jul 2020, Lynette McFadden

Here’s to the Staycation!

Okay, so this year – this most unusual of years – it’s all about home.

Staying home, enjoying your very own backyard or that beautiful expanse we know as our entire countryside here in New Zealand.

Holidays, breaks, refreshers, little weekends away are all to be enjoyed within our own boundaries and borders. Unlike other years, it’s about discovering or rediscovering what many Kiwis take for granted. Large, green open spaces, public galleries and museums (that unlike those in many cities around the world are free to visit), and rivers, lakes and mountains within driving distance for most.

I can vividly remember being on a European trip with my family when the guide asked where we came from. After listening to our response, a long pause occurred, then a rather loud, disapproving Gaelic sniff. “Noo Zeeland, zee end of zee earth.” And at the time I thought it was, having taken 30 hours to arrive at our destination, but today that very isolation feels like a blessing. It’s easy to see why so many are also taking time to reinvest some love and attention in their own properties due to staying home rather than traveling, and businesses such as landscapers, renovation builders and interior designers are seeing the benefits of that change.

If a staycation is currently on your radar and you want to take the time to focus on your own home, here are some options that might give you some satisfaction, add value … or both.

First, Declutter

Nail that garage first. Get rid of all the stuff that’s broken, outdated or no longer useful. If it’s still functional but of no use to you, give it away, recycle or dispose of it in a method that’s environmentally mindful, if possible. I personally use the garage as a bit of a dumping ground, much to the frustration of my husband, but I also love the feeling of nailing an area that’s long needed a tidy-up. Once you’ve done that, move inside and see if you can improve your surroundings and wellbeing by editing some of the stuff that fills your space.

Gentle Changes

With these two areas decluttered, let’s go for some interior changes. Move furniture, move art, have some fun and enjoy the changes. Edit, and what you don’t edit, use. Nothing needs to occupy a precious space where items are relegated as being ‘just for good’. Use everything you have, no matter its value or composition, and have fun. Your family space should convey a feeling of warmth, wellbeing and welcome.

Step Outside

During the lockdown period, I remember watching people in Spain and thinking, what must it be like not being permitted to go outside? This is where so many of us are fortunate. No matter your home’s size, your property address, whether you’re in a large residence or a compact unit, try to make the most of the outdoors. Your outdoors. Follow the sun (if there is any!) and give thanks that although we might not be able to travel the world, you’d travel the world to find what we have in our own backyard. It seems that not only myself but others have had a chance to stop chasing everything that appears greener somewhere else, instead appreciating what’s been in front of our noses the whole time. Home.

Here’s to your home!