Insights & Accidents

04 Feb 2021, Lynette McFadden

Insights & Accidents

2020 finished with a bang for me or should I say, a knock! On New Year’s Eve, I was unceremoniously and rather dramatically hit by a car and knocked off my mountain bike. The shock, the bruises and the reversal in my tenuous cycling confidence, whilst not critical or bone-breaking, has given me the chance to dust off my thinking as we move into 2021.

2021 feels like a beautiful chance for all of us to rethink different aspects of our lives, for me at least. Professionally, it’s already feeling like a full year. I expect the market to continue in its current state, with strong buyer demand, some stand-out – if not exceptional – prices, and land to be highly sought-after by entry-level investors (most of the developers are actively hunting). 

It’s also easy to imagine some respite for buyers with regard to choice, as the new year summer-flush run of property enters the marketplace.

For investors, there are a number of dynamics.

‘Boomers’ (sorry for the label!) are not offloading investment portfolio properties like they might once have done. Reasons for this include the fact that returns are higher than for bank deposits and the belief returns will only improve with increasing tenant demand. There are also more and more people contemplating property investment and I’m not going to comment on the proposed reinstatement of LVR restrictions, but I will comment on this.

These are unusual times, they are adverse to anything any of us might have seen before, and the optimism that conditions have produced is contagious. 2021 is expected to deliver us out of the uncertainty of 2020, but one border slip-up could see us all changing places and once again our world could be upended.

That’s why it’s important to not only work diligently but look at yourself honestly: is what I’m doing what I want to be doing? And am I doing it to the best of my ability? I’m a ‘yes’ and a ‘yes’, but we’re all only an outbreak or in my own case, a potential accident, away from not getting the chance to really consider our year, our lives and our potential. I’d like to embrace qualities of courage, perseverance, empathy, kindness and – a tough one – patience, and I wish you all luck with your own journey, personal or professional, in 2021.

P.S. for those of you who are cycling purists or know my lovely husband well, the picture above is not the bike he gave me!