Locked Down but Looking Up

01 Sep 2021, Lynette McFadden

Locked Down but Looking Up

‘Locked down but looking up’ is how I’d describe this, our second national Level 4 lockdown. What have you made of it? Did you survive, thrive, walk daily, bake madly, online shop gladly, consider other job prospects, think about those that are finding themselves in tremendously vulnerable positions and, more importantly, what did you learn about yourself and the worlds – personal and professional – that you occupy?

I’ve learnt so much about myself and about the resilience and compassion that exists around us all. In 2020, when we went into our first lockdown, my major emotion was fear. Fear of the unknown, fears for our business, our family, our friends.

You name it I was scared silly about it. Strategy, support and structure got me through – as they probably did for many others – but this time it’s different. You’re not as scared when you know a bit, or should I say a lot, more about what you’re dealing with. Here’s some of what I’ve learnt.

    1. Business hasn’t completely stopped. Auctions were able to be undertaken utilizing the Zoom platform and this allowed us to sell unconditionally 20 out of 22 properties at a full range of prices and across a myriad of locations. That’s a massive change from last year and it’s gone a long way to ensuring confidence in the market for all participants. For me, the standouts from the auctions have included the huge benefit to vendors of having property videos and floor plans, the increase in buying without seeing and the continued strong demand for property despite everything, as evidenced by multiple bidders and some bidding wars between highly motivated parties. People are calmer, me included. As a business we have daily (usually six days a week) meetings which have been proactive and constructive, training, company meetings, Q & A, recruitment meetings and team yoga. This rhythm ensures and engenders a quiet confidence and has enabled a different level of leadership effectiveness.
  1. Thinking forward to the future has also been more evident. What if this is an ongoing part of our reality? What changes need to keep occurring to remain relevant and productive? And then processing these thoughts into an actionable plan.
  2. At a personal level, last year’s bubble was a biggie. Five beautiful members of my family all together with John and I made for a noisy, busy time. This time, with only the two of us, it’s been so different. No more Warriors reruns, war movies or gentle walks with my dad, no more ten meals a day, care of my mum or dance lessons from our niece. I’ve missed that.

Whatever your lockdown has looked or felt like, I hope there’s been a quiet lesson somewhere in it.
Here’s mine:

“Happiness is being able to enjoy the things you worked for without slipping into thinking about what’s missing or what is next.” – Yung Pueblo