New Year, New Approaches

31 Jan 2020, Lynette McFadden

New Year, New Approaches

Welcome to 2020: a new year, a new decade and for many, myself included, a chance to try new ways of looking at and maximizing life.

I’ve entered this year in a manner similar to previous years. I’m excited about the future and buoyed by the opportunities ahead. Some of these are already in the planning and some are absolutely unknown, but will no doubt show themselves when the time is right (they always do). I like to stay open to that. As a natural optimist and perpetual organizer, I also like to review the previous year, find the lessons – whether good, difficult or somewhere in between – and then learn from them.

So, with that in mind, here’s what is resonating for me as I consider both the personal and the professional path ahead.

Connection and happiness.

I’ve recently spent time looking at aspects of well-being and happiness (that’s what a holiday does for you!) and, as a result, the theme for our company this year is ‘Well-being and Resilience’.

Why? Well, we know from experience that it can get very tough in the real estate industry, whether you’re brand-new or a veteran, and as a leadership team we’re deeply committed to relieving some of the stress, insecurities and constant disappointments that can accompany the profession. To do this, we’re enlisting the support of numerous professionals to help in the journey – experts in nutrition, sleep, financial management and resilience – which I think will be a change-maker. We are launching our team support program with a presentation by a recent New Zealander of the Year, Mike King.

In doing the research prior to concluding that we need to increase our support framework, I came across a study conducted by Harvard University. This 80-year-old study, known as the Harvard Study of Adult Development (one of the longest studies on adult life), found that close relationships and connection kept people happy and that embracing a community helped them live longer whilst also keeping brains healthier.

The study also found that the happiest of the group of 724 participants credited amongst their life lessons, a) not sweating the small stuff and b) letting go of past failures.

As simple as both these lessons sound, neither is easy, but both are deeply beneficial when applied to the real estate industry – or many other industries, for that matter.

So, connection, community, collaboration and everything these things entail will be a vital part of the year ahead for our company, as I hope they will be for you.

If they’re not, and a new career is part of your New Year plans, contact me. Life is simply too short to be standing still or feeling disconnected, and happiness is too fleeting.

Otherwise, try yoga (I’m going to!) and have a magical year.

* We will be making a limited number of complimentary tickets available for Mike’s presentation on February 11th, so please email or text me before Feb 7th if you’re interested.