Reflecting on What Mattered in 2020

17 Dec 2020, Lynette McFadden

Reflecting on What Mattered in 2020

I’m more than a little bit excited to wrap-up 2020! Throughout the year I’ve shared many of my thoughts and I’ve decided to finish with a list of what I’ve enjoyed and valued.

Health and Wellbeing

Daily rather than intermittent exercise has become a big part of my life in 2020, as have the new habits of no longer eating meat or drinking coffee. These things have meant I feel better equipped to cope with the daily doses of stress – and in my mad world, that’s a blessing.

Family, Family, Family

In a year like this, I couldn’t have managed without my family. With a ‘bubble’ of seven, an ocean of care and the fact that our eldest is home for Christmas – the first time in ten years! – it’s more than I could have hoped for.

My Partners

Another form of family, my business partners – besides needing a medal for always seeing the best in me – have my love and respect. Industry standouts Cameron Bailey, who’s in a league of his own, and Chris Kennedy make going to work a pleasure.


In amongst the hustle, the events, the juggling and the difficulties of doing too much too often and trying to please too many people, I’ve found a place where I value quiet moments – reading, thinking and, yes, sleeping.


It’s easy to let go and stop learning – or to stop at relearning what you’ve already experienced. So this year I started learning Te Reo, which I intend to continue, learnt to cha-cha and learnt how to listen with more intention (which is harder than it sounds).


Usually a big overseas traveler, like so many other kiwis, I’ve looked at my own backyard instead – and what a wonder it is. Karamea, Stewart Island, Kerikeri and numerous trips to Wanaka replaced the bucket list overseas destinations and I’m grateful for it. Don’t go away till you’ve seen the country rings true.


What did you learn this year, what experiences lifted you and what are you hoping for in 2021?  Whatever it is, may you find it.

Have a happy, safe and restful Christmas and a New Year that brings you a slice of wonder.