Step Up

03 Apr 2020, Lynette McFadden

Step Up

Yes, you! Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, it’s time. Time to step up and do everything that’s been asked. We all know we’re in the most trying and unusual of times. I’m frightened witless and if this wasn’t the beautiful, polite publication it is, I might be using a different word.

As a mother, I’m glad my eldest son is home from Europe with his Italian partner, in isolation in another part of the country, and I’m also glad my elderly (but don’t tell them that!) parents, my sister, her daughter and our youngest son are all going to live with us. Like every other family group in the country, I’ve no doubt there will be times where we might all resort to volatility at being closely contained, but I’m also hoping that we’ll find some of the magic that all family cultures have. I can listen to the wisdoms of my mother, the oft-repeated wartime memories of my dad and the tribulations of my preteen niece.

As a businesswoman, the emotions are totally different. I’ve spent two-and-a-half decades striving, driving, pushing, pulling and often carrying others and myself, breaking industry records and utilizing my DNA to excel and help create a strong business. My motherly calm leaves me when I consider the ramifications of everything that could happen to our economy. Every employer, every businessperson, no matter the industry or the size of their business, is facing the same harsh reality. And that takes nothing away from everybody else who is employed – or not – paying rent, paying mortgages, feeding families and trying to get by.

What’s currently happening is confronting, however we all know that it’s got to be done. The future could look different, we will see things differently. I’m hoping we’ll see opportunities in life and in business to do things we haven’t done before, and I know that will take renewed energy and trademark courage.

Those are my thoughts and, with a four-week lockdown ahead, I’ll no doubt have many more. As you will too. Whatever those thoughts are, do what’s been asked. Step up. Be strong. Kia māia, Kia manawanui.