Thriving in Challenging Times

03 Sep 2020, Lynette McFadden

Thriving in Challenging Times

Hands up, that’s right, hands up if this year has been one of the most challenging you’ve ever experienced. I’ve got my hand up, have you?

We live, as we all know, in uncertain times. There’s a daily bombardment of change all around us. So, no matter what your occupation or vocation, it’s worth thinking about how to manage your levels of wellbeing and optimism as we continue travelling through 2020.

Here are some of the tips that have helped me move forward personally and professionally whilst dealing with feelings of vulnerability.


Often the first thing to go in times of stress, but it’s important to maintain habits that help rather than hinder and structure provides that. Sleep, great food and exercise (whether in large or small doses) helps, especially for your mental health, and I know of many who reestablished regular exercise habits during our initial lockdown period. If you are one of these people, I hope that like me you’ve been able to keep it up.

Lighten up

Humour works, especially in the form of a good belly laugh, and I can assure you that if you watch too much television, particularly the news, you’ll notice how easy it is to lose not only your sense of humour but your sense of hope.

Spend time with mates and family who want to lift your spirits, not dampen them

Surround yourself with positive people. This goes without saying at one level but sometimes it’s a big ask. Seek out, especially, people who focus on solutions rather than problems … better still, try to be that person.

Rather than say “I can’t do it,” try “how can we get this done?”

Language is such a powerful element and when applied in a positive manner, that power is magnified.

Let go

Finally, let stuff go, and try not to personalize every little slight. Everyone, yes everyone, is going through their own unique set of challenges and although we’re constantly reminded to be kind, it’s a new world we’re all learning to navigate.

So how about it? Do your best, wear a smile and push forward.

But before I sign off, let’s talk about the market.

Contrary to what various experts said during and immediately after our initial lockdown period, the market hasn’t slumped and nor have prices dropped. In fact, it’s been – to reference a well-known movie title – fast and furious! With considerable numbers of sales, even surpassing the number of sales at the same time last year, and some equally exceptional prices. There’s a palpable urgency in the marketplace, whether it’s to be sold before our elections or to purchase and settle whilst interest rates are so low.

The big questions are: how long will it last, what changes are ahead and how does that translate for all the parties that are active in the market? We can be certain that we will find out in time and, whatever happens, I’ll be doing my best to remain calm, constructive and optimistic.

Spring is here (at last), so let’s enjoy it!