Why Greetings Still Matter

27 Mar 2020, Lynette McFadden

Why Greetings Still Matter

Is it just me, is it the times, is it the world or have I just been so busy I haven’t noticed how some of the deeply personal and simple practices of life are being overlooked?

During a year in which we are prioritizing wellbeing and resilience in our company, I want to raise a flag for those that feel forgotten.

It all starts with a greeting. Getting in the way, of course, is screen time, phone addiction and just an absence of plain, old-fashioned good manners; we’re often so distracted we simply don’t recognize or notice other people.

I recently read about – and have witnessed personally – the following: whole ‘conversations’ undertaken during a service/purchasing exchange where no words were even spoken, gestures making do whilst the purchaser stayed on the cell phone talking loudly. They could have been served by a robot, and maybe one day they will be, for all the humanity that occurred.

Whether serving or being served, people matter. Invisibility when you are employed or engaged to do something matters. And if service and client experience count for anything, then communication and connection sit at the top of the must-do list. I expect everyone I work with and for to communicate their requirements. I can’t guess them, even though I sometimes try. Real estate is a service industry with a great deal of emotion and money at stake. The best in the industry are hardwired to connect in an empathetic and knowledgeable way. Not communicating is not acceptable, and I’m not even referring to response times. I’m meaning response, full-stop. Of all the feedback we get from clients, lack of communication sits at the very top of the list when it comes to unwelcome issues.

Where we start is as important as where we end, so greet people properly – greet when you meet, eyes direct, hands out (obviously pre-Coronavirus) and smiling. You will stand out, I can assure you, and if you are looking for a realtor and they don’t do this well, keep looking.