Mark Wang

Mark Wang

Licensed Sales Consultant REAA 2008

Harcourts Gold Branch


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Over the past ten years, Mark Wang, has worked in a variety of different industries such as information technology, education management, tourism and hospitality. He is diligent, warm-hearted, and hyper attentive and detail-oriented individual. Mark has been highly recognized in every industry field he has engaged in. By virtue of his culture, unparalleled people skills and a good command of both English and Mandarin, Mark has established a very comprehensive social network.

With the experience of Tutoring in the Department of Computer Science at Lincoln University, Mark has a highly developed acumen in numbers, with ability to gather critical data and conduct in-depth analysis, which allows him to effectively help his customers to analyse market situations and trends, and assist to make the right decision. Mark also has experience in business investment and management, and he is happy to share his experience and ideas with immigrants.