Naomi Burge

Naomi Burge

Sales Manager

Harcourts Gold Branch

P03 352 6166

M020 419 33479

Naomi commenced her real estate career working for a family-owned and operated real estate company in Christchurch and has been known for her friendly tenacity in the real estate field. This alongside her studies in social services means Naomi understands the value of transparent communication and building strong relationships with her clients and team.

With a passion for all things property, her experience has extended throughout commercial office leasing, accounts management, and sales and marketing management on a National scale. This varied experience allows her to think outside the box on how to apply modern marketing techniques to achieve the best results.

Throughout recent years Naomi has developed her experience in mentoring and management within real estate sales. She believes there is nothing better than sharing successes with her team and being able to help them in achieving their goals.

In her spare time Naomi enjoys skiing, playing the guitar and exploring around the South Island.

At any time feel free to reach out to Naomi, she is always eager to help clients and team members achieve the results they are looking for.