Welcome to Harcourts Gold Auctions

With excellent sales prices, large numbers of attendees and very high clearance rates, it is easy to understand why our owners choose the gold team and its auction process when selling.

Our auction results continue to exceed expectations as we steadily provide outstanding results for our owners on a weekly basis.

At Harcourts gold we believe auction has fast become the preferred and most proven method of buying and selling property in the current Christchurch Real Estate market. Whether you are auctioning a small property, investment property, or one worth millions of dollars, the Harcourts gold auction experience is tailored specifically to your needs.

We have a committed group of consultants, whose combined years in the industry mean they have a wealth of experience in assisting both buyers and sellers through the auction process.

As auction advocates and practitioners, we know it is imperative that we operate at the highest level for our clients. With regular in-house training and a particular focus on customer care, we regularly review our processes in order to ensure we have up to the minute technology and systems in place for our clients.

Harcourts gold has proven systems in place that enable all our consultants to be effective in guiding you through the auction process, and to ensure a positive outcome on auction day and beyond. They are supported throughout the auction campaign by an experienced gold management team, with proven negotiation skills and many years of real estate experience between them. This team focus is complimented by the combined skill and expertise of our two in-house auctioneers, both during the reserve set meeting prior to and in the room on auction day. It is our aim is to facilitate an unconditional sale at a price you consider acceptable, within a specific timeframe.

Your Harcourts gold consultant can provide you with a current copy of our recent auction sales statistics or you can download a copy from our website under the ‘Auction’ tab. This information is updated weekly and published in our Reside magazine every auction day. A copy of Reside is available weekly either on our website or presented to you as you arrive in our auction room.

The entire auction process with the Harcourts gold group is treated with the utmost professionalism and we are extremely proud of the results it has produced for both owners and buyers. With a proven record of success we will do everything we can do to assist you in achieving a successful sale!