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August Market Comment

  There is no doubt that spring has come early to the Property Market in our city, with the release of the REINZ Sales figures for August. Sales volumes have leapt up yet again from the low levels experienced in July. August showed that there were 539 Property Sales in the City in August, up… (read more)

Plants in the home

  Greenery in your home can breathe new life to a space that once may have seemed lacking in comfort, or warmth. Placed on furniture or to fill an empty corner, an indoor plant is one of the easiest ways to update your décor for double or even single digits. Not all house plants are… (read more)

Talent Scouting: An Art, Not a Numbers Game

The lifeblood of a great business is people. All sorts of people. And in an industry like mine, it’s a constant search for individuals with attributes that will add up to an exceptional realtor. Over the years I’ve witnessed numerous industry techniques for identifying those attributes. Advertising of all types and across all sorts of… (read more)

Just a Word or Two

    One of the foundations of great communication and ultimately, success, can be found in an extensive vocabulary. Words are the stock-in-trade for anyone in a sales and marketing role, and it surprises me how many in certain positions give so little consideration to maintaining or growing their vocabulary. Unimaginative descriptions relying on ailing,… (read more)

Success is not final

  One of my personal missions is to live an authentic life. I always try to measure this by my own yardstick, not that of others, and to do that I’ve had to counter something that challenges all of us at some time or another – fear, especially the fear of failure. More than anything… (read more)

May Market Comment

  Traditionally as we head into winter we expect the headlines and market comments to be all about a market hunkering down during the colder months, but this year it’s different. For several months now, I have been talking about Christchurch’s strong steady market, its not rampant, but it has been consistent, and the latest… (read more)

Trust: Part One

  I have never had a day in my life where I haven’t wanted to be a better person or to do things in a better way. I’ve been told that some people have this blueprint in their DNA and fortunately (or unfortunately, depending how you look at it), I’m one of them.  I find… (read more)

April Market Comment

The release of the REINZ statistics for April continue to show how strong and steady our Real Estate market is in New Zealand and Christchurch. Across the country there is still an obvious healthy appetite for Real Estate and the REINZ figures show us that sales volumes and listing volumes are still strong and steady… (read more)

Leadership in a Crowded Space

  It used to be that business leadership really consisted of business ownership.  Whoever owned the business called the shots, set the tempo and determined the culture.  They were seen as the nucleus of the whole business.  At its best this worked because they intuitively knew their people, product or service, and how to get… (read more)

A Note from our Customer Service Manager

  At Harcourts gold, every client has the support of our dedicated Customer Service Manager Greg Seaward-Searle, who has the following message to our readers who may be considering listing with us.   “I am always available to offer additional support and assistance when you choose to make that big decision and list one of… (read more)

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