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Shout Out and Praise Up!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, as we navigate our way through the first few months of the year. Some of that is directly due to a recent set of experiences and my observations of how individuals perform when they are encouraged and praised. I know there’s nothing earth-shattering in that observation, but… (read more)

Kiwiana Competition 2019

Fill in the form below, and let us know about your ‘Golden Kiwi!’ Entries close on the 28th February, 2019.

Happy 2019!

Happy 2019! I’ve learnt that most people fit into one of two camps when it comes to acknowledging a New Year and the concept of setting New Year’s resolutions. They either embrace them and jump in with the zeal of someone slightly demented (I’m probably in that camp) or they side-line the opportunity, comfortable in… (read more)

Happy Chinese New Year!

(See below for Chinese translation) Chinese New Year is on the first day of the first lunar month and is also known as the Spring Festival. It is the most vibrant and century old traditional festival in modern China. The festivities begin from the 12th lunar month and end in the mid of first lunar… (read more)

December Market Comment

As we move into the festive season, with the inevitable slow down of real estate activity that occurs in late December and over the early January period, it is interesting to read that the market commentators are now caught up with the reality of our market this year.  The blazing headlines in the Press property… (read more)

Looking Back at the Year 2018

As a person who sets high (at times ridiculously high) standards, it’s often a relief to get to the end of the year – and this year especially. Along with everyone else, whether working at a breakneck pace or to a simpler rhythm, I find it a good time to reflect on the events of… (read more)

Moving on: Transitions in Real Estate

Every day someone in our company is required to help with a transition in someone else’s life. The purchase of their first home, second home or subsequent homes. The sale of property because the owners are parting ways – harmoniously or acrimoniously – the purchase of investment property as a platform for wealth creation or,… (read more)

Ham it Up and Turkey On!

Wednesday, November 7th, 2018

Entries have now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered

Advice: What’s good, what’s not?

Recently I’ve been thinking about wisdom. What constitutes being wise and what part advice plays in this. I believe wisdom is absolutely critical, especially as we tackle the minefields in life, but finding it is not easy. You don’t have to be Yoda, the tiny Jedi Master who was over 800 years old, or Professor… (read more)

Culture, What Is It?

At its best or most vital, I think of culture as a heartbeat, a pulse, providing purpose and substance for the people comprising the group. I imagine a massive tapestry where every person has contributed to the pattern, leaving a distinct impression, and that all of this creates something tangible and recognisable for others wanting… (read more)