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Christmas Greetings and Property Insights

As an occasional writer and a full-time realtor, I’m always looking at the marketplace, trying to read and interpret its nuances as well as comment on what I’m noticing at that time. I like combining observation with reflection, and this constant journey has given me many topics to consider as we approach the end of… (read more)

November Market Report

              The release of the REINZ sales figures for the month of October have reinforced the continuation of the very ‘average’ September sales.  In September there were 477 residential sales in our fair city and for October a total of 476 were reported.  The fact that these two months… (read more)

Full On, Flat Out and Always Passionate

Here are a few excerpts from a recent interview where I got to share some of the thoughts and ingredients that make up my year.   It’s been a really busy year for you Lynette, what are the highlights professionally and would you share a personal highlight as well? 2017 has been an incredible year… (read more)

Ham it Up & Turkey on Draw!

In the spirit of Christmas, we’re giving away 8 special prizes of a half ham accompanied by a turkey! You can enter by filling in the form below or by bringing a completed flyer into one of our offices.  You may nominate as many others as you like to spread the holiday cheer.  Entries close… (read more)

Be Time Mindfull

                Mine is an occupation that constantly generates a sense of extreme urgency punctuated by deadlines, and the feeling of never having enough time. The tasks at hand include numerous meetings, mentoring sessions, writing articles, training, and running auctions, as well as all the work associated with owning… (read more)

October Market Report

              The recent release of the REINZ September sales figures for New Zealand and Christchurch has thrown up a slightly surprising result. I have been saying for a while now that if you take Auckland figures out of reported sales data, then the rest of the country is, by… (read more)

September Market Report

              If you follow the media commentary on what is happening with the Real Estate market in New Zealand, you would be forgiven for thinking that there is a problem looming for owners across the country. Part of the issue is that some of the commentators are working off… (read more)

The Rise and Rise of Social Media

                I’m sure I’m not the only employer who wonders at the incredible influence of social media in the workplace. Only a few years ago, having Facebook up on your work computer would have resulted in either an awkward “what are you up to?” moment or a straight-out… (read more)

August Market Report

              As the winter months make way for our much-anticipated spring, I am sure a lot of people will breathe a huge sigh of relief.  While I spent a big chunk of the winter in warmer climes, I was still able to keep abreast of what was happening across… (read more)

Rental Report

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

            Over the last few months we have been faced with a challenging rental market. There is a lot of choice out there for tenants; on Trade Me there are over 1500 houses available for rent in the Christchurch region alone.  Properties need to be priced competitively and well presented… (read more)

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