Happy 2019!

Happy 2019!
I’ve learnt that most people fit into one of two camps when it comes to acknowledging a New Year and the concept of setting New Year’s resolutions. They either embrace them and jump in with the zeal of someone slightly demented (I’m probably in that camp) or they side-line the opportunity, comfortable in the belief that the year will be what it will be and that no amount of forced change, good intent or actions can be carried out for 12 whole months on a wish alone. 

In fact, an American survey conducted in 2018 found that up to 32% of people don’t set any form of resolution at all, seeing little value in the process and no likelihood of an outcome. I’ve never been able to see things through the lens of ‘relax, breathe, then wait and see’, but I’m aware that for some individuals this is a positive choice. In business, however, this approach could see you falter. Things change, markets move either up or down, client expectations grow, technology progresses and expectations get bigger year on year.

A New Year gives you the chance to really take stock, to review where you’ve been – I always do this with someone I trust implicitly – and then work out where you want to go. You can consider the challenges, the game-changers, the small wins and the larger victories. They will all be there and each of these will provide great insights as to what comes next. That’s where the resolutions come in … or, at least, they do for me. Statistically, the most common resolutions involve: weight loss (been there) and, let’s face it, who hasn’t? Eat healthier (another tick), exercise, read more, make more, save more, it’s always something more. Bill Gates once said, “most people overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in ten.” This year, personally and in business, I’m mindful of the word and nature of ‘less’.

As a company, it’s got us focused on some of the finer aspects of less.

Less paper, less waste, less stress. Which means more community involvement and more mindfulness. I’m looking forward to it and I’m heartened by the fact all of us are aware of the need to be kinder to ourselves, our community and our planet. So those are some of my resolutions. I couldn’t go into 2019 without some of the old favourites as well (which I’ll keep to myself) but I will finally give up on backing a trailer, or worse, the boat!! No amount of intention will change the fact that I’m terrible!

Whatever school you subscribe to, all the best for 2019. It will be no surprise that the year will be whatever you expect it to be!


  • Lynette McFadden, Harcourts gold Business Owner

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