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Published October, 2010, Lifestyles Magazine Like a lot of Cantabrians affected and frightened witless by the earthquake and it’s endless aftershocks, I¹ve learnt a few things about myself and what’s required to move forward in a stressful situation. 1  It pays to have batteries in working order and preferably in the same place as a… (read more)


Published September, 2010, Lifestyles Magazine I recently saw a beautifully constructed advertisement , I can’t even remember what it was selling but it had the word facebook on it which drew my attention and it featured a picture of a man sleeping with a book on his face. I loved it, because it wasn’t what… (read more)

Run Great Meetings

Published July Edition, 2010, Avenues Magazine In the course of my working day, I attend numerous meetings. I insist that those I’m directly involved in, particularly internal appointments, coaching sessions and sales meetings, are punctual, effective and inspirational. Mostly, I think they are. However, that’s not necessarily the norm. I’ve just left one which was… (read more)

Choice Advertising, and Advertising Choices

Published June Edition, 2010, Avenues Magazine One of the most agonising decisions for any business today, especially a real estate company, is how to best promote and sell your product. Traditionally, selling property has involved a heavy reliance on written media, including advertising in regional papers, specialist property magazines (I’m talking Bluebook here), brochures, pamphlets… (read more)


Published May Edition, 2010, Avenues Magazine It’s been a busy few weeks in the real estate world (note I didn’t say market, but that’s another story). The financial year has concluded and within the Harcourts brand we’ve acknowledged the most successful businesses and consultants at franchise and regional levels. Soon it will be at a… (read more)

Apologies Yes, But Accolades Too!

Published April Edition, 2010, Avenues Magazine Hi everyone. I’m taking the prudent step of apologising to you in advance. ‘What for?’ you may ask. Well, by the time this article is published many of you would have had to wade through numerous real estate achievements or, should I say, success advertisements. Yes, with the end… (read more)


Published March Edition, 2010, Avenues Magazine The “boardroom” or the “coalface”? It’s a dilemma; where exactly should a business owner spend their time. What’s the most reliable arena for them to gain results and insights, and where is the balance, if any, able to be achieved? The boardroom gives you the venue to determine strategy,… (read more)


Published February/March, 2010, The Christchurch Press It is with great pleasure that John and Lynette McFadden, owners of Harcourts gold, one of New Zealand’s top Harcourts franchises, announce the appointment of Cameron Bailey and Jacki Lane to the position of junior partners in their real estate business, consisting of five residential real estate offices and… (read more)


Published January 18th, 2010, Lifestyles Magazine Choosing a real estate consultant can be a daunting process and one that if done incorrectly can be both exasperating and expensive. Here’s my 16 years in the business take on what to consider. Word of Mouth When a consultant has been referred by someone it demonstrates they have… (read more)