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Our Real Estate Signature

Wednesday, September 18th, 2019

Every country has its own real estate signature and New Zealand, whilst being relatively young by international standards, has developed a unique derivation of this. Property, land and home ownership run deeply through the Kiwi psyche and these three elements are contextualised every day in all media forms. The New Zealand real estate signature can… (read more)

Talking the Talk

Communication methods have changed considerably since I first started in the real estate industry, and for me these changes have driven several observations. People don’t communicate as much as they once did, and when they do it’s often in different mediums. Texting (of course), emailing (an essential), Facebooking, Instagramming, Snapchatting and Messengering(!), the list is… (read more)

The Gift of Wise Guidance

Lately I’ve found myself writing a lot about people rather than our real estate market. But given this is a people-focused industry, I’m going to continue the theme this month and look at what it means to be a mentor – and the art of mentoring. Part of the rationale for this is the recent… (read more)

Getting to the Top and Staying There.

In a month that has seen our company acknowledged for excellence and for being the No. 1 business in our brand across the real estate spectrum – for performance as a franchise, for auction excellence, for having the No. 1 Office in New Zealand and Internationally (out of over 900 offices) and for having two… (read more)

Win a VIP Family Pass to the Antarctic Centre!

Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

This competition has now closed! Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for the five lucky winners 🙂 Entries close the 8th July 2019. Winners will be contacted soon after.  Family pass is for two adults and 3 children aged 6-15. Winners must collect their prize from our Harcourts gold Papanui Office. There are… (read more)

May Market Report

The Christchurch market continues to remain steady,from a pricing perspective with May 2019 figures showing little change when compared to May 2018. Volumes of written sales are also consistent with the previous year. You may ask what does all of this mean? Whilst some are talking doom and gloom with volumes of listings and written… (read more)

Market Comment – April 2019

I’d like to reflect over the last month in the real estate environment. April was a busy month for anyone in business when you consider school holidays, Easter weekend and Anzac Day. The month was made more uncertain as the anticipated announcement of capital gains tax drew near. The working group lead by Sir Michael… (read more)

It’s All About People!

It’s All About People! The beauty of working with and meeting so many diverse and interesting people is that you get to form enduring relationships. These relationships are forged over many years, invariably involving the numerous ups and downs that life throws at you whilst helping both your personal and professional growth. So, it’s hard… (read more)

Meet our Liaison Manager Doug Soper

Doug grew up on a dairy farm near Patons Rock in Golden Bay and in his early working life, worked in engineering, on oil rigs and in sales management roles in the dairy sector. He has lived in Christchurch for most of the past 40 years. Doug has been Married to Debbie for 32 years… (read more)

Meet our General Manager (and Business Owner) Chris Kennedy

Chris Kennedy is a Business Owner, and the General Manager at Harcourts gold, where he works in conjunction with John & Lynette McFadden across every facet of the business. Chris started real estate in 1992 with Harcourts in Invercargill, before moving into a Sales Manager role in Dunedin in 1998. Later that year, Chris bought… (read more)