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Since the earthquakes, we have the unique opportunity in Canterbury of selling a large number of As-Is, Where Is properties. This means the property is sold without insurance, on an As-Is basis. The owner will have received a cash settlement for earthquake related damage but has chosen to retain funds rather than repair the property.

This gives buyers the opportunity to purchase the property at below normal market value. Whether you then choose to repair, rebuild or demolish the property is up to you. It is important to ensure you have the best advice on the market as these properties come with more risks than fully insured ones.

With over 650 As-Is sales since the quakes, Harcourts gold are industry leaders in the field and can guide you through any relevant information or processes that will help you along the way. Our innovative team know how to work with these properties in a fair and transparent manner, and our robust code of conduct and full disclosure means you will know exactly what you are purchasing. Contact us to get started!



gold Analysis

Gold's analysis of the As-Is market in Christchurch.

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What is 'as-is'

If you’re interested in buying an ‘as-is, where is’ property, this is a must-read.